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Embrace Equity

Performed on March 8, 2023 on International Women's Day at Accra Total Energies


Haven’t you heard the sirens?

Have you heard the sirens!

It announces,

It announces a table with seats for all!!!!!!

A ground to play on.

If only we could sing the same song

And play a fair game

A fair game themed equity

A game, where she can step forward and take on every space without raising eyebrows


if we play this game in a glass house, then questions won’t be thrown… at the source of a wealthy woman’s purse

Instead, every aspect of her achievements will be celebrated

If only we would acknowledge the strength in her voice, and join the congregation humming the tunes and lyrics on equity,

Thé game would be half won

 And we will understand her strength and splendor.


Who is she?

She is woman

broken in pieces

Eaten flesh to bone—bone to skin

By leach sucking words glued to her mind creating the world she lives in.


She is woman who can’t work because he doesn’t approve of it.

She is woman, the one who walks through the four walls of school and graduates as a housewife.”

She is woman, who’s C section is considered a weakness because it wasn’t a Hebrew woman’s way.

She is woman, who has to drop her father’s name to take her husband’s last name


She is woman who needs to pray her husband out of adultery yet crucified if she defiled her home.

Woman, she is woman who needs to protect her home if that means being beaten a few times every day

it’s out of love they say.


She is woman

And she wants to claim her voice

She wants to be Nana Yaa Asantewaa fighting against injustice

She is Ransome Kuti, the first of a kind, with her sword-breaking barriers

She wants to be Esther Ocloo a successful career woman

She wants to be in every space just like her predecessors.


All she asks is a hand

Yours and more to fight

A voice to demand equality,

light thrown on injustices

Heart to fully embrace equity.


(Ok so this is an Activity for us all)

So let us with arms wide open, embrace each other

This is a literal representation of equity
a complete recipe for development.



Performed on December 22, 2021 at an event sponsored by UNESCO and the Embassy of Italy for the launch of Graffiti Ghana's mural on creating awareness on human trafficking through migration.

I read

Vacancy! Vacancy!

girls needed in the Middle East

With a plush salary

thought it was a European strategy

But for its attraction I left.


I sought hot cake served on a white plate

I demanded nice pay to cage my poverty

For 5 years without work

I thought Maid here

 was ice and grace.

But I live  here like slave.


From when I entered, I was considered waste

detained, cuffed in chains.

Tutu papa the merciless atupa set in haste.

I was promised a job, not sex maid

I work without dignity, yet they

Seize my salary

to pay a debt they claim I owe. 

I cry without justice while they destroy the soul in the deepest part of me

They call me without my name.

I get beat, slapped at the least of a mistake.


The agent said I would be a house maid.

I trekked on dry bones and paid thousands to die without aid.

I have no sanity and

live in agony.


I was the trend you spoke bad of

The one who lost her sanity at the airport.

I was pushed from their front porch.

But they said I was abusive.

How can abused be abusive?

I was lost on the Mediterranean Sea with no identity

Yet you spat on me like piece of torn meat

Had the agents told me what It really was,

Had the information been more specific,

I wouldn’t be here crying for asylum with no help please.

You can judge

Just be sure we all move.


Performed at BlueCrest College

On the shores where they came

and the land where they stayed,

exploiting, expanding, enhancing other territories

where the reasons they came.


language, culture, religion, civilization differences

where the boundaries they faced.


So a curriculum to

read, write, solve simple mathematics they gave

in other to speak, preach, teach, and understand

what they say and it worked than they weighed.

victory for freedom expelled them, but the curriculum



Masters, improving their field of study,

potential scholars ready;

innovators, inventors, specialist, talent to practice,

no sanction

a failure is of the 90’s

and success is for this century.


Here! a borrowed, undynamic, theoretically bulky,

unshaped printed curriculum has diligence.

Students gotten -

Teach, learn, exams, pass, work, money,

their establishment for enhancement,

many practitioners limited chances,

talents unpracticed

they drain and rotten.


Relations and functions, Logarithms,

plane geometry, trigonometry, Pythagoras theorem,


I grew up struggling, solving,

looking for a piece of X and Y

stranded on who founded, initiated, documented

and why they should be missing.


A scientific lab I untouched

consenting practicals written

talents, dreams threatened

failure of a subject sanction.

Easy formula, unleashed by many teachers

many subjects for the neck,

soo much to keep:


always exams to fit,

at work nothing to peep,

have nothing to give,

given all to exams to keep.


Mama thinks am lean

sounds mean,

my brain I fear to lose, how do I push

suddenly my name, I forget for free.

feeling dizzy with learn, chew, and pour.

Logarithms for reasoning

are you done teasing,

on the streets

the screens

certified graduates left ajar

confused, broken, depressed, burdened,

wishing to get far.


Keep watching your results,

success and failures,

sitting like an alien, as if it not trending

how we dry, no matter how hard we try.

success promising keys, yet the locks mysteries!

logarithms with rhythms,

our protagonist, antagonist with reasons

reduce rhythms in this century

and you freed from zealotry,

then your utterances come with pride and effrontery.


Performed for GT Bank's Annual Autism Workshop "Empowering Voices for Autism"


And I was born distinct
With feat
ures so unique 
In a world of butterflies and no flaws 

Wait I heard something 
Wails, cries 
Long ago I heard abort abort it will be no sin at all
I heard mama crying 
Asking for solution 
She cries what did I do to deserve this. 
They claim it’s a curse. 
They call me curse.  
They don’t look at me 
Pregnant women don’t look me all
children don’t play with me 
They all disgust me. 

Why do you throw stones 
Why do you speak to me rudely 
Your eyes terrifies me, 
Who am I 

I am a survivor who feels guilty for my siblings who couldn’t survive the Autism spectrum 

Hear!!! Open your ears and hear
Hear their  screams from the far away lands 
Hear the tears dropping from their tortured skins brutally murdered
sadly sending them to their early graves.

Here! These are their tortured skeletons
Am leaving here 
Hear you murderers 
Do not pretend you cannot hear 
for it is loud and clear.

Your evil words sent those kids away
Those blades in your mouth made mothers give up 
You could have helped
But your disgust flashed them straight down the drain
They were crushed, beaten, poisoned, drowned and buried without tears and graves.
Those knives you carefully sharpened in your heart helped you kill them that day
You killed them without a trace of remorse.

Here!! I bring you their caskets, mixed with skeletons, and dried up water from their scavenged graves.
Look, Take. 
Are you okay
Are you satisfied with killing someone's child and having yours at home
Sending them on errands and laughing at their unfunny jokes
Whiles leaving others with scars of babies
They could not save and hold
Are you okay, are you satisfied?

When you in a group, you don't care 
Pointing hands,  giving names and a mischievous stir 
When you're alone you pretend to care–a lie that is extremely unfair 
Here! drop your pretense here 


For once give those you sent without graves a befitting burial here.

And look at me with love and admiration 
Talk to us with respect 
Embrace us

We are not contagious 
Allow your children to play with us

They won’t become like us 
We are not snakes. 
Support everyone who kept us alive. 

I may smile definitely but my smile is that of survivor and strength 
I may stutter with words but mummy knows it all 
I may never stop needing care but love me 
Embrace me 
Love me, love me, love me

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